Thank you for registering for the 9th DIG conference! In this email you will find further instructions regarding our upcoming virtual conference.

Before and during the conference, all the attendees will be able to view the talks and posters in Google Classroom. A google account is necessary to access the Classroom platform. 
If you already have a Google account, you may upload the materials listed below in Google Drive and please share them with our gmail address

– For talks: you need to upload your 15-minutes video presentation in mp4 as well as a separate .pdf file (1-3 slides) to pitch your presentation live during the conference.

– For posters: you need to upload your poster in .pdf (format A0). 

If you do not have a Google account and do not want to create one for this purpose, please send us an email to or so we can find another solution.
The deadline for uploading talks (video and slides for pitch) and posters is the 7th of May.

We will then upload the videos and posters to Google Classroom. All presentations will be available from the 12th of May until the end of the conference. If you are not able to meet the deadline, we will still be able to upload your talk or poster, but other participants might not have enough time to view your contribution. We therefore strongly recommend that you submit it before Friday the 7th of May.

How to view the presentations?

Once logged into your Google account:

1. Click on the squared dots at the upper right corner and scroll down to Classroom. Click.

2. Click on “DIG2021”.

3. Click on “Class works” in the top menu.

4. Find the videos and posters in individual folders by session (scroll down to find the files below the list of presentations in each folder)

How will the virtual conference work?

The conference will be held digitally from the 17th to the 19th of May using two virtual platforms

Talks will be discussed in 13 live sessions on Zoom ( We will share the Zoom link with everyone registered a few days before the beginning of the conference. Within each session, podium presenters will summarize the highlights of their work in a 5-minute pitch, using 1-3 pitch slides (.ppt or .pdf). This short presentation will be on the computer of the chairperson, who will share their screen with the audience and move through the slides on request of the presenter, ensuring a smooth flow of the program. For this reason, every presenter must submit the .pdf presentation of their pitch by the 7th of May (see above). Each session will end with a discussion

The Icebreaker and posters sessions will take place in (

In it will be possible to access different digital spaces during the entire conference. One large hall will be dedicated to informal meetings and chats, another hall will be designed to display and discuss the posters, while smaller spaces will be reserved for spontaneous private meetings among attendees. Few days before the beginning of the conference you will receive an invitation email with a link to the sessions in Following the link you will be able to directly access the online platform, enter your name and choose the looks of your avatar. The poster presenters are encouraged to be by their poster during the dedicated sessions.

Do let us know if you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting you all!
All the best,

Alvise, Carlos, Chase, Cruz, Flora and Vera, the DIG2021 Organizing Team.


Instructions for recording your presentation with PowerPoint:

Instructions for recording your presentation with Zoom:

– Open Zoom and click on the ‘New Meeting’ icon (this should show you on your camera)

– Select ‘Share Screen’ at the bottom of the application and select the appropriate screen to share (i.e. your Powerpoint). You should now only be able to see yourself in a small video box but there should be a small green/red box on your screen that says ‘you are screen sharing’.

– Hover your mouse over the green box, and select ‘More…’ on the far right. This should give you the option to Record (if using a Mac, you can use the keyboard shortcut ‘shift+Command+R’ to begin recording, or ‘Alt+R’ if using Windows)

– When you are successfully recording, a blinking orange dot appears in the green ‘You are screen sharing’ box. You can use your keyboard shortcut or return to the ‘More…’ menu to end recording.

– To finish and save your recording, select ‘End Meeting’ (again under the ‘More…’ menu). Select ‘End meeting for all’. A box should appear that tells you it is ‘Converting the meeting recording’. It will save your recording as an MP4 file in the folder ‘Zoom’, marked with the date and time.See for alternative instructions and troubleshooting.